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How to maintain emergency lights

Considerations to make when maintaining emergency lighting

In the event of an emergency like a black-out or electricity shortage, knowing that your emergency lighting is maintained is key to an overall peace of mind, but this does mean that you need to educate yourself on how to maintain emergency lights. Maintenance is even more important in public areas and workplaces where the health and safety of the public and staff are paramount.

Whether you’ll be maintaining existing lights or installing new lights, considering LED lighting can be an extremely cost effective, durable and energy efficient solution for emergency lighting. At S-tech LED Technology, we advocate the maintenance of emergency lighting such as overhead lights, floor lights, stairwell lights and exit point lights on a regular basis.

Outdoor use
For emergency lights that are placed outdoors, make sure you choose a lighting option or batten that can withstand the elements. You do not want water causing damage to the lights and possibly breaking them.

Maintenance vs non-maintenance
What is the difference between maintained and non-maintained emergency lights? Is this really a question?
Having properly functioning, updated and maintained emergency lighting will ensure that in the case of an emergency you have a power source available to illuminate exits and guide the public, staff, or your family to safety.

Use a professional
Always consider using an electrician to do your lighting maintenance to ensure it is done correctly.

When it comes to maintaining emergency lighting and other lighting and signage solutions, call the WA leaders in LED technology, S-tech LED Technology, today.

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