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LED Downlights

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Low Power Downlights

S-tech manufactures a range of low power LED downlights to replace your existing halogen downlights. These lights offer a fresh way to lighten up your home, shop, restaurant or office. When you buy an S-Tech product from us, you are buying a quality lighting solution. Contact us for more information.

LED downlights are ideally suited for those environments where energy efficiency and good colour rendering are important. Traditionally, these environments have used CFL downlights and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commercial offices
  • Retail/shopping malls
  • Hotels
  • Conference and meeting rooms

Difference between LED panel and downlights

Panel down lights and downlights have similar applications, which is why people often confuse the two. The lights are different in size, colour, material and style. Although panel down lights and LED downlights are round, there are many other differences:

  • Structure

The traditional style LED down light usually has a single LED focused lens, gimbal type aluminium frame and heat sink. These types of downlight provide a more traditional look and feel as they replicate the traditional halogen downlights.  The round panel light has an aluminium frame, multiple SMD LED board and opal diffuser to provide a wide angle.

  • Lighting

Panel lights looks soft and even, while the light of an LED downlight is more focussed.

LED down lighting from S-tech

You can easily replace existing down lights or purchase these together with the power supply and downlight gimble for new installations. Our products are designed so there is no need for canisters to be used with this product.

We supply:

  • PDL Series – 12w to 60w
  • RDL Series – 10w to 20w
  • Adjustable downlights
  • Remote Control downlights – 12w
  • Bluetooth Control downlights – 10w

Product features

  • Similar light output of halogen lamps
  • Long operating life and performance

LED Star lights

Low power downlights are perfect for home theatres, bathrooms, recreational areas or living rooms.  The star light is easy to install and will work with most trailing edge or universal dimmers so you can adjust the brightness as desired. Our star lights are designed without the need for ceiling canisters.

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