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    S-Tech has designed, manufactured and project managed many LED lighting installations, both in Australia and overseas. We provide Australian designed, tested and certified products that meet electrical safety standards. Our priority is providing our distributors and electrical wholesalers with high-quality products and excellent service. We can do the same for you. 

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    LED Batten Light

    If you run a business or own a home and are looking for energy efficient lighting solutions that are manufactured to the highest standards, S-Tech can provide what you need. We produce a range of LED Batten Lights for homes and corporations both in Australia and overseas.

    All our products are made in Australia and are designed, tested, and certified to meet Australia and international Electrical Safety Standards. With that in mind, when you purchase an S-Tech product, not only is it safe to use and energy efficient, but high-quality too.


    Our Range of LED Batten & Weatherproof Light Fittings

    Our LED Batten Lights offer many benefits for both domestic and commercial applications. Two advantages of LED lights include long lifespans and easier recycling because they don’t contain polluting materials like mercury.


    Our range of LED Batten and weatherproof light fittings include:

    • Weatherproof Fittings – Ideal for outdoor use, these LED Batten Lights are available in many variations. We manufacture products with a wattage of up to 42W to ensure brightly-lit outdoor areas.
    • Indoor Fittings – For the perfect solution to lighting up interiors, S-Tech offers numerous surface mount battens that act as a complete fitting replacement for your existing systems. Additionally, we provide certain products that have adjustable colour features that allow you to choose between 3 colours of light.
    • Emergency Fittings – We offer surface mount LED Light Battens for emergency lighting that is perfect for businesses and corporations looking to light up emergency hallways and exits.


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    S-Tech has been providing clients across industries in numerous countries with LED signage and batten lights for over 35 years now. Our standards are incredibly high, and our team are dedicated to providing you with the ideal lighting solutions for your needs.

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