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Debunking the LED light myth

Get the facts straight, and save money with LED lights.

Going green does not mean you have to go broke just to give Mother Nature a break. Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle helps the planet, and it really does show big SAVINGS.
More and more companies and homes are going green, however, given the Australian government’s recent emissions report, not enough are making the change.
LED lighting has moved past the simple bulb that offered a dim glow on your patio to being used in televisions, advertising boards, down lights and car headlights. LED is the one green product that gets some flack, but we’re here to shed some light on the situation by debunking a few myths surrounding LED lights.

LED is expensive

10 Years ago LED was expensive. But since then prices have dropped by more the 50% and continue to drop due to better manufacturing and R&D that ensures  this product retains its quality and ability to function for years to come.

But, what you pay for in the initial outlay comes back to you many times over because you’ve basically eliminated the need to replace lighting for up to 10 years. The overall value and long-term investment far outweigh the initial outlay.

To save even more money you can set LEDs to switch on and off with timers, sensors and dimming further increasing your long-term money and energy savings.

Saves upwards of 90% energy

In some applications, this high energy saving may be true however, bearing in mind that LED lights are available in different sizes, shapes, watts and for various applications, you will save more energy with some than with others.

Products sold for residential use consume up to 84% less energy, whereas commercial and industrial lights vary between 60% and 50% respectively.

If you are using Solar PV System on your roof, then LED lighting is certainly the way to go to reduce your power consumption.

Being drawn into one company’s over-inflated statistics will see you applying that principle of a 90% saving, across the board, which is misleading. Call the manufacturer and find out the energy saving baseline for their products.

Completely maintenance free

LED lights certainly require far less maintenance than your conventional lighting, but they’re not completely maintenance free. You can’t simply insert LEDs into panels or fixtures and leave them for the next 10 years.  Apart from cleaning time to time, LED Lighting is generally maintenance free.

Minimal environmental benefits

The benefits are plentiful and start right from the manufacturing process. LED lights are made from non-hazardous, green materials that are not harmful to humans and offer no disposal cost at all. The positive savings and the reduction in emissions have worked for many companies who realise that a strong strategy for sustainability makes economic and environmental sense.

Colour me Warm or Cold

S-tech has been supplying and installing LED lights in both residential and commercial applications for the past 10 years and has seen installations where woman and men feel and see light colouring differently. Women seem to like a warm white lamp (3000K) and feel warmer around this light, men on the other hand tend to use cool or daylight white(5000-5700K) and like the bright white for reading or working under.

Too bright or not bright enough

Some people believe LEDs are either too bright, creating a bright sun effect in a setting, while others feel this product is too dim, creating an ambient mood when none is called for. This depends entirely on the type of LED you have chosen. As mentioned before, LEDs are available in various colours, wattages and styles. As much as LED Lights are designed in terms of lumen output, and conventional lighting is based on wattage, you can still get the lighting you want.  This means that you can replace your existing lighting with lower wattage for similar or better light output.

S-tech supply a range of downlights that can display 3 colours in the one downlight. The LED lights can be changed if the customer wants warm to cool light output, there is also a dimming control using a wireless system so no need to get out of bed to switch off the light.

Make your money work for you with the S-tech green initiative. LED lights are the way to go and have proven to be the smart choice in residential, commercial and industrial energy applications. Chat to the LED specialists from S-tech about the economic and environmental benefits. LED is the way of the future. Save your money, and give Mother Nature a break.

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